Company History

Millennial Vision (MVi) was founded in 1996 and incorporated January 1997 with a mission to provide customers with viable document imaging and Enterprise Content Management solutions and services. MVi became a Laserfiche certified reseller, with staff attending training courses in January 1997. With over 75 years of collective credit union experience, three MVi employees used the Laserfiche ECM administration tools to design a credit union schema within the Laserfiche repository specifically geared toward the financial market space.

In May 1997, MVi installed Laserfiche ECM at 3 credit union customer sites. Since then, MVi has deployed Laserfiche ECM for hundreds of customers in the USA and abroad. MVi has developed an array of software applications and workflows that accomplish a three-fold purpose:

  • Allow our customers to approach a paperless environment.
  • Complement Laserfiche ECM with a customer-driven application suite.
  • Integrate Laserfiche ECM with customers’ “core data processing” and “primary business” applications to achieve a seamless user interface.

MVi has added significant value to Laserfiche by developing hardware and software solutions for many industries both Government and Financial including integrations such as teller, member service, loan officer and back office operations. MVi has also developed interfaces to home banking providers that give all members access to their documents through financial home banking solutions. These solutions generally function as seamless integrations with dozens of core data processing systems including those owned and maintained by FISERV, Jack Henry, Fidelity, D + H, Corelation, to name a few.

MVi focuses on integrations with various data processing systems by leveraging Laserfiche’s experience in providing cross market solutions for all Laserfiche customers throughout the world. In addition to Laserfiche, MVi has relationships with Canon USA, Topaz, Epson, Silver Bullet, Dell, Mitek, PageTech, Nimble, WACOM and other industry leaders. As such, MVi has allied itself with, and will continue to seek out business partners that will allow us to offer world class products to our customers.

MVi is a closely held, privately owned company with headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT.

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