C21 Suite

Take the "heck" out of the check process

Image and balance incoming checks, create and send an Image Cash Letter file to the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) electronically on the same day, and eliminate days of waiting for funds to transfer.

C21 Forward
  • Teller Capture of deposited checks at time of Transaction
    • View deposited check(s) alongside transaction receipt
    • Works with MVi Receipt Capture System (RCS) and balances checks with core transaction
  • Scans deposited checks using other methods
    • Branch Deposit Transactions and Back Office Processing
    • Merchant Capture for business and high volume deposits
    • Remote Deposit Capture for Mobile deposits by members
    • ATM Deposit Import
  • Builds Daily ICL file to send to FRB or other Clearinghouse
  • Real-time fraud lookup
C21 Receive
  • Imports Cleared Draft items from FRB or clearinghouse into ECM system (in-clearing)
  • Builds MICR file for core system to update member data
  • Processes on-us checks concurrently with foreign items
    • On-us file can be sent to the Clearinghouse as an Image only ICL file for storage and Web retrieval or just kept in the ECM system only
C21 Return
  • Imports a Return MICR file from Core system or you can manually mark items for return
  • Builds IRL file to be sent to FRB or Clearinghouse
IRD Print
  • Prints returned items to either be re-deposited and re-scanned with C21 Forward or return to depositing member

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How the C21 System Works

C21 Forward can run on each teller station or in branch mode. In teller-mode, tellers scan, balance, and screen checks for potential fraud at the time of transaction. In branch-mode, tellers scan and balance their checks in batches. C21 Forward uses world-class OCR software. Tellers are prompted to review and possibly fix any discrepancies. C21 Forward integrates with nationwide fraud detection databases to identify known fraudulent checks. After screening and balancing checks, the teller archives them and their metadata in the ECM repository. C21 Forward uses archived checks to generate reports to verify core system totals against deposited checks. An ICL file is generated from balanced archived checks. This ICL is then sent to the FRB or other clearinghouse. C21 Forward can also automatically import checks deposited through ATMs, Mobile Devices (RDC), or merchant locations to be in regular ICL submissions.

Compatible Check Scanners
  • Canon CR25, CR50, CR55, CR80, CR180, CR135i, CR190i
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