Data Import

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Import records and metadata from other imaging and storage systems, including legacy document imaging and COLD systems, into the ECM system.

Key Features
  • Flexible -- processes data from a variety of sources and formats
  • Create customized tokens
  • Can be configured to run on a schedule
  • Can monitor a file system in real-time to continually process files
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How the Data Import System Works

The MVi Data Import tool allows technicians to import indexed‐metadata files and associated data files and annotations into Laserfiche. The goal is to provide a common, flexible solution for importing customer data that was exported from another enterprise content management system. The Data Import program uses data‐specific plugins to parse various types of index files and retrieve the documents contained within them. Each document contains a list of indexes, represented as Tokens, which are used to place the document in Laserfiche with the desired path, name, template, field, and data file information. The imported data can be a single bulk import (such as during a conversion) or an ongoing regular import (for daily generated files). The import routine can be run as a service, from command‐line, or manually through the GUI. Imported files are tracked and reports can be generated to summarize import statistics.

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