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Signature Pads

MVI has partnered with Topaz and Wacom to bring our customers the very best in breed of signature capture technology. With the Topaz signature pad comes solid performance, industry leading technology which has been proven over the years. A new player to the signature capture market is Wacom, with its sleek design, full color display and high resolution signature image is making it a game changer. It also allows for customer interaction as well as applying signatures. Wacom is the world leader in drawing tablets for graphic design, animation, engineering, and art. They now are applying that know-how to the signature capture market. With MVi you now have a choice of what signature pad works best with your Document Capture, Receipt Capture and Laser Checks Printing system.

Document Scanners

Canon has been a strategic business partner with MVI since 1997. Canon consistently produces high quality scanners to meet the needs of the most demanding of production environments. What is nice is that they have a wide range of scanners that can fit into every workload. From personal scanners rated at 15 pages per minute for executives, to office scanners rated 40 pages per minute for loan officers, to their top of line heavy duty production scanner that will scan upwards of 150 pages per minute with a whopping 500 sheet hopper; Canon scanners can meet the needs of just about every production requirement. What really makes these scanners nice is the software that allows a consistent user interface across the entire platform. All of the DR document scanners come standard with Black & White, Color and Grayscale modes and all scan at virtually the same speed. Critical features like page size detection, deskew, despeckle, black border dropout, blank page dropout and many more are all standard features of of these scanners. The daily duty cycle is also very generous for getting the job done. Canon is the industry leader when it comes to scanning checks. The Canon CR series check transports are optimized and designed to quickly scan checks while also reading the MICR data from the check. The Canon CR series consists of a wide line of check scanners starting with CR50, then CR80, CR135i and CR190i with speeds that match their model number. Their ease of operation and high reliability make them a must have in your check processing deployment. Whether you need just a simple teller station scanner or a back office high volume check scanner Canon has you covered.

Photo ID Scanners

MVi has some excellent choices from Ambir when it comes to capturing photo ID’s. There are different sizes to meet your needs from 8 1/2 by 11 single sheet feeder which will also do ID’s to simple ID only scanners. These come in two flavors simplex and duplex.

Fingerprint Scanners

MVi offers fingerprint scanner with the Topaz IDGEM as add on module. The fingerprint scanner with the Topaz is integrated with the pad. MVi also offers a standalone fingerprint scanner for those that wish to have a separate device (see picture below). This option replaces the need to use the fingerprint ink on the checks. It also allows for an additional level of security.

Epson Receipt Printers

MVi has selected the leader in the industry for thermal printing. We use the Epson TMT 88 line of receipt printers. We also use the Epson 6000 where needed for shared branching. With its front feed the TMT 70ii is also an excellent undercounter thermal printing solution or it can also be used to stack other devices on top like the Canon CR50/80 to minimize counter footprint. We also work with most existing printers such as Star and Ithaca printers.
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