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Anytime. Anywhere. That's eView.

MVi eView allows your customers to retrieve records such as statements, deposits, receipts, loan documents and much more; securely online and at their convenience. MVi eView provides customizable security settings that allow you to determine which document types may be viewed by the customer.

Key Benefits:
  • Easily integrates with most core data processing systems and third party home banking or mobile banking applications
  • Provides 24/7 self serve document access
  • Delivers documents over the Internet or within a local intranet
  • Fully customizable settings and page layout
  • SSO (single sign-on) for internet use
  • Windows authentication is available (iView only)
  • Reduced document hosting costs
  • Easy navigation

MVi eView allows for SSO (single sign-on) integration with home banking providers, mobile banking providers and other third party systems to display records from the Laserfiche repository. MVi eView can also be configured for intranet (iView) use via Windows authentication. This allows for a customized research interface that is especially helpful to back office and call center personnel.
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How eView Works

Customers, members, and employees open their web browser to the correct site address and authenticate. They are presented an interface with a tab for each document type, and they enter their search criteria (date, etc) and perform the search. They can then browse through the search results and view the document(s) they are looking for.

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