Let Forms Change Your Business

When paper forms are submitted, there is no way to ensure that all fields are completed, the information is correct or the handwriting is legible. It is also impossible to be completely sure that confidential information is kept 100% secure. Prevents common user errors such as incomplete fields and incorrect data types, improving both the user experience and the quality of your data. Uses role-based security to ensure that access to submitted data is limited to authorized personnel, guaranteeing the security of confidential information.

Key Features
  • Web based solution
  • Forms Integration with Business Process Management
  • Role/Position based security
  • Approve forms from a tablet or smartphone, web browser, or email
  • Monitor forms progress in real-time
  • On the fly form customization
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How Laserfiche Forms Works

Easily create attractive forms with preconfigured templates or customize them with editable fonts, colors, uploaded images and layout—no coding required. Drag and drop a wide variety of fields, checkboxes and radio buttons onto your form to collect the exact information you need—in the precise format you require. Configure form elements so that they are hidden or displayed based on selections made in other fields, improving the user experience and ensuring that you don’t collect unnecessary data. Change the look and feel of your form—or add or delete questions from it—at any time without help from programmers.
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