Hotkey Instant Retrieval

Right At Your Fingertips

Use simple keystrokes to perform lookups of driver’s licenses, photo IDs, signature cards, and virtually any document for everyday internal research.

Key Features
  • Easily integrates with a variety of applications and most core data processing system inquiry screens
  • Allows Photo ID of primary and joint account holders to be displayed including signature cards
  • Photo IDs can be scanned quickly while members or customers are at the teller line
  • Custom lookups tie in with other information for easy search and retrieval
  • Integration with different applications, including core data processors, loan processing, accounts payable, and many others
  • Instant access to stored information by account number or other keys pieces of index data.
  • Significantly reduces risk of fraudulent account activity by providing positive Identification
  • Complete integration with other documents stored in the Laserfiche repository
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How the Hotkey System Works

When a member or customer approaches the teller line for a transaction, the teller can input the account number into the main transaction screen and press a custom defined function key. If the ID has already been captured, the Hotkey window opens and displays the ID, along with any other related documents the financial institution has chosen to associate with this lookup. If their ID has not yet been captured, a prompt to scan an ID will appear and the driver's license or appropriate ID can quickly be scanned. It will be associated with their account for future lookups. Joint owner and signature card information can also be added to insure proper verification for each account. Employees are also able to enter an expiration date so IDs can always be kept up-to-date. If the expiration date has past and a new ID is needed, the system will notify the user and request that a new ID is be scanned right then and there. Hotkey is certainly not limited to use at the teller line. Hotkey can also allow for custom searches for varying departments throughout your institution or company.
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