Laser Checks

Digitally Capture Checks

View checks and add signatures prior to printing. Eliminate the need for expensive custom printing hardware. Say goodbye to pre-printed check stock. Know that you've stored a digital copy of the check without even trying.

Key Features
  • Integrates with core data processing systems and third party applications
  • Customizable layout and data fields according to the check type
  • Tracks check numbers automatically
  • Captures member’s electronic signature directly onto digital check
  • Reprint feature (with security password)
  • Quick access to stored electronic images of checks
  • Auto-indexing of all captured check images
  • Bind authorization signature to checks - multiple authorizations
  • Check limit authorization threshold
  • Offline check printing (add-on module with security)
  • Starter/temporary check printing (add-on module with security)
  • Authorized check printing (add-on module with security)
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How Laser Checks Works

MVi Laser Checks captures the print stream sent from the core processor and creates a pre-printed image which is stored in a holding queue on the server. Through a web browser you may select the check type. Here you may also add additional signatures if needed. Your check is now automatically archived in the ECM with all pertinent index information.

With MVi Laser Checks you can add the module to print Starter/Temporary checks. Also, a valuable feature for Collections and other groups is the Authorized and Offline checks module.
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