MARS Suite

Next Generation COLD Product

MARS is the next-generation COLD product designed to bridge the gap between core reporting systems and your ECM.

In today’s information society it is critical to turn digital content into information assets. MARS allows application-generated content such as reports, forms, invoices, statements, and other regularly-produced documents to be easily captured, converted, indexed, and archived automatically and immediately.

Flexible configuration tools allow for setting up unattended processing of files and seamless import into the ECM. MARS is scalable, allowing users to set up as many projects as are necessary and which all run concurrently. Projects themselves can be designed to strictly handle one document layout, or to flexibly handle multiple layouts or types of documents. To get documents to the right projects for processing, MARS includes a tool for automated file sorting. These important design features accelerate processing in substantial ways.

MARS uses regular expressions to enable pattern matching, which allows the program to process multiple documents or forms and extract the requisite metadata for the accurate indexing of archived documents. Graphic overlays can be applied as part of the user defined project setup to enhance the look and feel of your documents.

Leverage the power of MARS to turn your Enterprise data into Enterprise assets.

Key Benefits
  • Process reports immediately
  • Supports multiple text formats
  • Archive Windows and Unix based reports
  • Auto index based on pre-defined criteria
  • Universally accepted PDF format
  • Predefined report searches
  • Reduces paper and employee expense
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How the MARS System Works

For businesses in today's world, content ranging from reports and statements to notices and forms is generated on a regular basis in their core data processing systems and/or other third party software or vendors. The MARS system automates the process of indexing and archiving those documents to your Laserfiche repository through the use of predefined routines called Projects which can recognize what type of document is coming through, index the correct metadata, and store the documents in the right folder, with the right name and metadata -- every time.

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