Remote Deposit Capture

On The GO? No Problem!

In today's world we often do not have time, or simply would rather not, to get to the bank or credit union to deposit a check. The convenience of handling checks with mobile deposit is becoming essential! MVi has a Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution so that customers and members, and the institutions themselves, can take advantage of the convenience of depositing anywhere, anytime, as well as creating permanent archival copies in your database. This solution also integrates seamlessly with our C21 Suite.

Key Features
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Cross Mobile Banking Vendor Compatible
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How the Remote Deposit Capture System Works

MVi has the ability to work with multiple mobile banker vendors and providers. We currently work with well over a dozen. Once a check has been captured remotely. A file is generated that MVi would then digest. At this point MVi has the ability to run fraud check tests against the checks. This allows the institution to make informed decisions on check processing.

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