Template Field Sync (TFS)

Keep Your Data Synchronized

Template Field Sync (TFS) is MVi’s answer to keeping your ECM system synchronized with core data systems. As your core data system is updated or changed, TFS will take that information and update the associated documents inside your ECM system. This synchronization is based on a key piece(s) of information, whether it is an account number or some other primary index field.

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How Does TFS Work?

Template Field Sync works by looking inside of Laserfiche (ECM) for documents that have a specific field(s) and compares the field to an external data source. This data source is matched up through a configuration tool to assure the desired data is being compared and synchronized. This is done based on a configured schedule. It can run as often as desired. Once the data has been synchronized, it is then fully searchable. TFS empowers your organization to be fully integrated with core business data and in turn allows staff to have this information instantly at their fingertips.

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