Check 21

Fed Up With Paper?

With the arrival of the 21st century e-commerce has arrived and with it, a costly paper-based check clearing process is a thing of the past. But to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, financial institutions need a Check 21 solution that is flexible enough to meet various capture scenarios, integrates with their ECM system, and provides a worry free solution that just works.

Streamlining the Check 21 Process

MVi’s C21 Suite of products allow real-time check processing, quick and easy end-of-day ICL processing, returned checks processing, and archival of all checks in our ECM system for instantaneous historical research.

Check Deposit Transactions

Solutions for imaging and clearing checks deposited at your branch locations.
(Products Used: C21 Forward, RCS)

Teller Check21

Tellers scan and balance checks at the time of deposit. Duplicate check detection and check fraud prevention help prevent fraudulent check transactions from happening. The deposited checks are electronically bundled and sent to the Federal Reserve or another clearing house.

Branch Check21

Tellers scan deposited checks as batches during the day. The deposited checks are electronically bundled and sent to the Federal Reserve or another clearing house.

Back Office Check Processing

Solutions for handling inclearing checks deposited at other financial institutions as well as checks returned from other financial institutions without using a clearing house.
(Products Used: C21 Forward, C21 Receive, C21 Return, IRD Print)

Inclearing Items

Our back office Check21 product suite can receive checks electronically directly from the Federal Reserve. They are permanently archived for online retrieval and are also sent to your core data processor for processing. The checks rejected by the core data processor are electronically bundled and returned to the Federal Reserve as return items.

Returned Items

Our Check21 suite can also receive checks returned by the Federal Reserve and either resubmit them for clearing or print them as Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) or substitute checks to be returned to the member who deposited them.

Remote/Mobile Check Deposit

Allow members to deposit checks without having to visit a branch location.
(Products Used: C21 Forward Import Service, Merchant Capture Server and Client)

Merchant Capture

Our Merchant Capture software lets businesses scan and balance bundles of checks with an industry-grade check scanner and submit them through a secure upload connection to your institution.

Mobile Deposit

Our mobile deposit solution lets members use the mobile banking application on their smart phone to take pictures of their checks and submit them for deposit with your institution.

ATM Import

Our Check21 product suite can also import checks deposited at ATM locations. These items can be grouped into their own batch for easy balancing and research.

Online Check Viewing

Give members the capability to view their deposited checks and their written checks online.
(Products Used: C21 Forward, C21 Receive, C21 Forward Import Service, RCS, eView)

Member Written Checks

Our Check21 ‘Back Office Check Processing’ solution provides a way for you to capture all checks written by members and deposited at your institutions. All on-us checks written by members and deposited by members at your institution can be captured with our Check21 suite, whether the deposit is made at a branch, ATM, or remotely using RDC. These are stored in an OnUs folder in your ECM and is accessed by your home banking and and eView product.

Deposited Checks

Using our Teller Check21 solution, every check deposited at a branch location is stored with the transaction receipt and can be made available to the member for viewing through your Home Banking or mobile banking platform

Products In This Solution

C21 Suite
Laserfiche ECM
Receipt Capture System
Document Scanners
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