Data Conversion

Give Your Existing Data a New Home

MVi staff has the knowledge and skill to successfully export data from a variety of existing content management platforms, which we then import into the secure, reliable and powerful Laserfiche ECM system. Whether you are replacing a current imaging repository or consolidating content from many data sources, we have the the talent, software tools, and industry experience to assist you in centralizing your electronic content under one ECM umbrella.

From Anywhere to MVi

MVi has a host of powerful import tools that can take data indexes in the form of a database, CSV, XML and other formats to populate the Laserfiche repository with the corresponding content. Additionally, we can automatically extract desired text from document images using a powerful OCR engine, with built-in image manipulation and enhancement tools to import content yet not tied to the database index. Similarly, we are able to import text and PDF files and build a search index as they are imported them into the ECM repository.

No matter the need, we can supply the tools and expertise to import any data to the Laserfiche ECM repository.

Products In This Solution

MARS Console and Client
Data Import
Laserfiche ECM
Laserfiche Quick Fields
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