Digital Capture

Putting Paper in the Past

It is no longer the case that content created digitally will ever even need to go to paper. Are you producing content and printing it only to end up scanning it later on? Is your only recourse for incoming data to manually manage the files in Windows folders, and do you even have enough time for that?

MVi gives you the power to capture most Windows or Unix PCL printable documents electronically! Content such as contracts, invoices, purchase orders, receipts, loan documents, signature name it.

Getting the Job Done

MVi knows that you have better things to do, so we’ve designed our products with the interoperability to automatically capture many different types of output from other systems. Whatever kind of document you would need to print or store, we'll customize our digital capture solution to do electronically and effortlessly.

Solution Details

Document Capture System (DCS)

Our Document Capture System provides you with an easy-to-use program that enables you to print your documents to an electronic file and digitally add signatures and other required annotations and then store them in a secure data repository thus saving paper and more importantly, time, space and money.

Receipt Capture System (RCS)

How do you keep a competitive edge? It’s time to go paperless! Millennial Vision’s Receipt Capture System gives you the power to reduce overhead expenses, improve security and increase profitability. All with a compliant, easy-to-use system that enables you to serve your customers better than ever and make time for new ones.

Report Capture System (MARS)

MARS is the Next Generation COLD product designed to bridge the gap between core reporting systems and your Laserfiche repository. In today’s information society it is becoming more critical to turn electronic content into information assets. MARS allows application generated content such as reports, forms, invoices, statements etc., to be easily captured, converted and archived directly into the Laserfiche repository. Automated configuration tools allow the end user to set up unattended processing of all electronic content and seamlessly import it into your Laserfiche repository. Graphical overlays can be created that enhance the look and feel of your documents as part of the user defined project setup. MARS is also scalable and allows multiple projects to be setup and run concurrently. This important design feature accelerates processing in that a single project may be able to handle many different types of documents during the same process cycle. MARS uses flexible definitions and regular expressions to enable pattern matching which allows the program to process multiple documents or forms and extract the requisite metadata required for the accurate indexing of archived documents. Leverage the power of MARS and Laserfiche to turn your Enterprise data into Enterprise assets.

Products In This Solution

Document Capture System
Laser Checks
Laserfiche ECM
MARS Console and Client
Receipt Capture System
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