Simply Stated: It Works!

From your core to your third party programs to your ECM system, you have data that needs to get from A to B, and be accessible at any given point and time. No one wants to deal with systems that can’t talk to each other -- it takes time and effort to make sure that data produced is getting stored correctly. Additionally, no one enjoys the process of deconverting their data every time they make a switch in core or other software. You need an ECM system that really makes you feel at ease, knowing that with automated and seamless integrations, your data is getting captured directly from other systems and applications.

All of MVi’s products have been built upon a foundation that recognizes that in business today, data is produced in many locations. We’ve designed our software with wide and varying use cases in mind, all with individual customization and care. We pride ourselves on solutions that remove your pain points, and when you need them, they just work. You Just Add Content™ and we'll do the rest.

Endless Integration

MVi integrates with numerous third party vendors and core systems, including but not limited to:
  • Fiserv
  • Symitar
  • OSI
  • Jack Henry
  • Corelation
  • D + H
  • Miser

Products In This Solution

C21 Suite
Data Import
Document Capture System (DCS)
Hotkey Instant Retrieval
Laser Checks
Laserfiche ECM
Laserfiche Workflow
Laserfiche Quick Fields
MARS Console and Client
Receipt Capture System
Remote Deposit Capture
Template Field Sync
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